Labor and Homebirth

It is an honor to watch a strong woman bring her baby into this world through her intense work of labor. I encourage mommies to be very involved in their baby’s birth. I encourage her to feel her baby’s head as they come out, and I help her catch her own baby. Labor and birth are sacred moments that should be honored and respected.

~Midwife Jen

I personally like my mommies to keep me posted on any sign at all that labor might be starting. I like to be there with the mommy for a good chunk of active labor and sometimes early labor. Midwife means “with woman.” Therefore, I think it makes sense that a midwife truly be there with the woman for labor.

After the birth of baby and placenta and once mommy and baby are stable, I stay for at least two hours postpartum. During this time we assess for vaginal lacerations, examine placenta, perform the newborn exam with weight and measurements, assess bleeding, make sure baby has nursed well, made sure you’ve eaten and gone to the bathroom, and get everything cleaned up.