After my first birth experience in a hospital, I was determined to give birth outside of the hospital setting with my second child. I found Jen last minute & she happily took me on no problem! She was more than supportive during labor/birth. She was calm, level-headed & encouraging the whole time all the while when I was freaking out which gave me a major boost in confidence & reassurance in my body’s ability to bring my baby into this world. She even travels! I was able to be myself around her as well! Major plus! I felt a whole lot safer and more comfortable giving birth at home. I didn’t have to worry about my wants being dismissed or being disrespected. This is the way birth should be. It shouldn’t be a traumatic experience. Birth should happen with a midwife in the comfort of your own home. Forever grateful.


Jen was absolutely amazing. She helped me through a very long and hard labor. Her encouragement and positive attitude helped especially toward the end. The passion she has for midwifery showed from the very first appointment all the way to my postpartum care and her care for my baby.