Prenatal Care

I always look forward to seeing my mommies at their prenatals. It’s fun to catch up and talk about how she and baby are doing. I also love it when the siblings come, and they are involved in the appointment. I have them “help” me find heart tones or they help measure mommy’s belly. Prenatal appointments are when I and the mama can connect and talk about anything and everything she or her family has questions on.

~Midwife Jen

Prenatal care is given at the typical schedule. The first prenatal appointment is at around 12 weeks. From 12-28 weeks, prenatals are every 4 weeks; from 28-36 weeks, every two weeks; and from 36-delivery, every week. Prenatals last around an hour unless there is more time to chat.

Some typical things that are checked at a prenatal on a mommy are: urine, weight, and vital signs.  We then assess diet, fluids, exercise, and how baby is doing. Some things checked during abdominal palpation are: fetal heart tones, amniotic fluid levels, fetal position, and fetal activity and movement.

Prenatals are all at my home office out of Colby, KS, except for one home visit around 36 weeks. The home visit lasts about 2 hours, and we discuss where you want to put the tub, who all you’re planning on having there for the birth, the plan for transfer if that were to occur, and discussing more on labor, immediate postpartum, and answering any questions.