Postpartum and Newborn Care

I’ll be honest. Postpartum care is both a happy time and sad time for me. Seeing the mommies and babies finally together is so beautiful, but it’s also a reminder that the end of their midwifery care is approaching. Although midwifery care may end at around 6 weeks postpartum, the relationship does not. I have such a special place for all my mommies in my heart.

~Midwife Jen

Postpartum Care: I tell my mommies that I’m still on call for them 24/7 even after the birth. If a mama has a question or concern, I want her to know that she can call or text day or night if she needs to. Being on call doesn’t end just because you had a baby.

First Postpartum Home Visit: This visit is between day 2-4. I come to your house and we go over the birth certificate worksheet, preform the Hearing Screen, Newborn Metabolic Screen, the Critical Congenital Heart Disease Screen, and maternal and newborn vitals. We also review maternal bleeding and newborn wet and poopy diapers. There is a lot more we talk about, and we go over any and every question the mommy or family may have. This appointment is usually at least 2 hours long.

Second Postpartum Appointment: This appointment is at the office in Colby, KS, and around 2 weeks postpartum. We assess similar things as the first appointment, as well and weighing baby to see that baby is at least back to birth weight.

Last Postpartum Appointment: This visit is around 4-6 weeks postpartum in Colby, KS. We do the same routine assessments on mama and baby, as well as perform the PAP Smear on the mommy. We also review things to do to correct any diastasic recti if she has one.